A Healthy Smile is More Than Just Straight Teeth

You may be surprised to learn that a healthy smile is about more than just straight teeth. The truth is, even if your teeth are straight, you may still have problems with how your teeth fit together – also known as your bite – that can be bad for your oral health.

The ultimate goal of orthodontic treatment is to create a healthy bite so you can bite and chew food properly. Having a healthy bite also helps prevent pain, discomfort, and other oral health problems. It turns out straight teeth and a beautiful smile are just positive side effects of orthodontic treatment.

Your upper and lower teeth are meant to fit together in a certain way. If they don’t, you may be vulnerable to all kinds of oral health problems in the future. Here’s a few ways your bite might be off:

  • Underbite – when the bottom teeth are in front of the upper teeth
  • Open bite – when the back teeth are closed, but the front teeth don’t meet, or when the front teeth meet, but the back teeth don’t touch
  • Deep bite – when the upper teeth completely cover the bottom teeth
  • Crossbite – when the bottom teeth are outside of the upper teeth

If left untreated, an improper bite can lead to jaw joint problems, cavities, and premature wear of teeth. The good news is that all of these problems can be prevented with orthodontics. Orthodontic treatment will help reposition the teeth within the jawbones so they fit together properly.

If you suspect your teeth may not be fitting together properly, make an appointment with Pulsipher Orthodontics as soon as possible. We can evaluate your bite and determine whether orthodontic treatment is necessary.

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